Membership Terms & Conditions

Blackout dates means the dates which are following under festive season e.g. New Year, Christmas etc.

  • “Applicant” Any Person(S)/ Company/Firm(S) seeking For TDW Club Membership By Executing The Application Form Prescribed By TDW.
  • “Annual Subscriptions Fees” (ASF) – The Annual Fees Payable By A Member Toward Utilities, Upkeep, Upgrade And Maintenance Of TDW Notified Resorts (To Be Known As TDWNr For The Purpose Of This Document) Wherein the Membership And Reservation Is Being Given To The Members. ASF excludes The Applicable Service Tax or Any Other Indirect Tax (By Whatever Name Called) Applicable at the Time of Any Such Payment under the Prevalent Laws.
  • “Apartment Type” – A Furnished Studio/ HU, 1 Bedroom/ Hotel Suite/ 2 Bed Room Apartment As Mentioned In The Certificate Of Membership.(The Specifications And Facilities Of The Apartment Type May Vary From Hotel/Resort To Hotel/Resort.)
  • “Down Payment” – The Minimum Up-Front Payment Made By The Member Towards The Membership Fees / AFAs Fixed By TDW From To Time To Time Which In Any Case Shall Not Be Less Than /Equal To 50% Of Membership Fees. In Case of 5/10 year membership & 30% in case of 25 years membership
  • Exchange Company: Any Company With Whom TDW Is Having An Arrangement For Arranging Exchange Of Holidays For Its Members, Which May Be Notified By TDW Time To Time.
  • Force Majeure Force Majeure Event Means Any Hurricanes, Acts Of God, Act Of Public Enemies, Wars, National Emergencies, Invasions, Strikes, Boycott, Riots, Insurrections, Civil Commotion, Floods, Fire, Restrictions Due To Quarantines, Epidemics, Storms, Interference By Any Governmental Agency Or Official (Whether Legal Or Illegal), Interference By Laws Or Regulations Of Any Government Or Subdivisions Thereof (Whether Legal Or Illegal ) And Shall Also Mean To Include Disturbances Created By Political Parties, NGOs, Or Any Other Organizations/ Groups In The Operation Of The Public Transport And/ Or In Transportations Of Men In The Territories.
  • “Member” – Any Person(S)/ Company/ Firm Who Has duly Filled In The Relevant Forms and adhered to the formalities so required Prescribed By TDW For Membership Along With A Payment Of An Amount, Which Is At Last Equal To Down Payment As Prescribed Herein Above As Down Payment.
  • “Membership Fee” – Total Fee Including Any Applicable Indirect Taxes On Such Fees And Excluding Any Direct Taxes( If Any Payable Towards TDW As Per The Price Structure Fixed By TDW From Time To Time.
  • “Membership Usage Period” – A Period Of… Years As Opted For By The Member.
  • “Night” – A Time Interval Between The Check In Time Of A Specified Calendar Date & The Check – Out Time Of The Subsequent h Calendar Date As Prevalent In Particular TDW Club Nr.
  • “Privileges” – And Includes Exchange Accumulation, Split, Advancing Of Holiday Entitlement And All Other Services Provided To The Members By TDW At Its Discretion In Connection With TDW Membership During The Membership Usage Period.

  • ” Membership Rules” – The Membership Admission Rules And The Membership Usage Rules.


A member shall pay ASF in advance for the year with in such time as stipulated by TDW from time to time. A member cannot avail of his / her / its holiday entitlements unless the entire ASF due to paid in full. Current tariff of annual subscription fees is as given below;

  • TDW reserves the right to revise ASF based on the infiationary situation of the economy along with the movement in the wholesale and retail price index of the economy.
  • In case a member advance his / her / its entitlement under (borrows from future year) as per the terms and conditions of this agreement, the ASF for the year (s) advanced is payable by the member at the time of advancing at the rates prevailing on the date of request.
  • The ASF is payable even if the member does not avail his /her / its holiday during a particular year and the member specifically agree to same. However, a member can avail special holiday offer even if ASF is due subject to the approval of TDW.
  • ASFis not refundable and non-payment of ASF would amount to gross breach of the terms and conditions of this agreement. TDW will issue a written demand every year for payment of ASF and members shall be required to make the payment in the specified mode as per the terms and conditions of that demand letter.
  • The ASF is payable even for the lapsed holiday entitlements and ASF is not linked in any way to availing of the holidays in any and/or all of the year(s).
  • In the event of non-payment of ASF including arrears if any within the stipulated period mentioned in the demand letter and in spite of intimation/written notice/reminder in this regard from TDW to the address provided by the member, the following shall apply;

I. Any delay in ASF shall attract interest @2% per month for delay in any month or part of the full month and no member shall be entitled to avail holiday(s) till the time ASF together with the above stipulated interest has been paid in full to TDW as per the mode specified in the demand letter.

II. TDW reserves the right to change/ modify interest on delayed payment of ASF.

III. Delay in payments of ASF beyond one year from the date of payment mentioned in the demand letter, shall result in gross breach and shall result in termination of the membership with a written intimation from the side of TDW.


Termination can be both on account of suomo to request of the applicant for termination/cancellation or termination by TDW on any of the accounts/grounds as may be mentioned in this clause. In the event of termination / cancellation or TDW the following shall apply.

I. RECESSION PERIOD TERMINATION/ CANCELLATION: Withdrawal of application for TDW shall be permitted within the recession period which is 0 days from the date of enrollment / signing of the membership application form, provided such request for withdrawal is made in writing and signed (by both the applicants/ members in case of joint membership) and reaches TDW within 90 days, TDW shall refund the amount received from the member towards fee, after deducting processing fee of BDT. 15000/-(Taka Fifteen Thousand only) along with other statutory and necessary charges. TDW shall refund the balance within 60-90 days from the date of receipt of request for withdrawal. In case of joint applicants to the membership refund shall be made to the first applicant only.

B. In case of any type of termination, taxes (if any) paid/ recovered from the member shall be forfeited.

II. TDW reserve the right to terminate the membership on occurrence of any of the following events: A. Defaults in payments of the membership fee in case of payment through EMI when three consecutive EMI’s are not paid by the applicant/ member along with the applicable taxes. B. Defaults in payments in ASF in full or part for three consecutive years by the members. C. Breach of house rules of TDW notified resort by the member. D. Any breach of the terms and conditions of this agreement/ application form by the member. E. Any other action by the member or occurrence of any event or situation giving TDW a right to cancel/ terminate the membership. Taxes: a member shall be liable to pay all taxes/charges/levies, statutory or otherwise imposed by or pay able to any central/ state government / local body or any other authority on membership fee / ASF under this application or any other specific local taxes levied on tourists by the respective state/local government for usage of the property. Non-payment of taxes and levies shall result in payment default under the terms and conditions of this agreement. For the sake of clarity, the member’s liability to pay taxes aforesaid tax shall include changes in rate to existing taxes (either prospective or retrospective), enactment of new taxes etc.