Aronnok & Lakeshore Holiday Resort

Aronnok resort is located near to Rangamati Cantonment managed by Bangladesh army.Mind blowing natural beauty of Kaptai lake sometime seems too perfect.If you plan to GRANT dedicated time to your own soul , it is a perfect place. This place is suitable for the people loves to listen the sound of silence.As of now it takes BDT8050 per night for Bangladeshi civilians in VIP suits (I took VIP suit as it is my last chance to feel myself VIP, please try to understand ). Foreign citizens may need to pay aprox USD 200 for VIP suits. There are 4 VIP room and 7 ordinary rooms available. You may need reservation ahead of 3 weeks for accommodation as it is always full. You’ll be lucky if you get it on weekends. I recommend to book “Gangshalik” VIP cottage to cherish the fullest. I am unable to explain the reason but if you listen my suggestion you won’t regret, that’s what I can assure. Adventurous people stay away from this place. Nothing is for you here! It is expensive indeed and the food is not special. You will not get enough opportunity to select from the range. Foreigners who are not used to Bangladeshi cousin, may face difficulties. Don’t expect proactive hospitality from the resort staff. You need to pre order every meal ahead of time else you’ve to starving. Don’t try to THINK or standardise with other private resort /cottage because it is army standard.